Premier League


A recap to our 10-day journey around England, watching football in Manchester, London and Liverpool. Special thanks to our european partners at, who provided us with an unforgettable experience throughout the trip.


World Cup


Our 4th straight World Cup, and with so many friends counting on us to help them plan their trips, we knew we had to put up a show. We were very impressed with Russia and how exceptional they were as a host country. We loved every minute of our trip, and we are definitely hungry for more.



FRANCE, 2016

The chance to go to a Eurocup in France sounded so sick we began planning it a year in advance. We applied for tickets early on and meticulously planned our travel around it. The matchups we witnesses were awesome – we went to the Spain vs. Italy second round match in Paris and the Portugal vs. Poland quarter final in Marseille.





After 27 years, Atlético Nacional from Medellín, set out to conquer their second Copa Libertadores title in the history. We couldn't resist ourselves, and with just two weeks before the match, we organized the fastest football trip we’ve ever done.



Copa America Centenario

USA, 2016

100 years of history and arguably the best tournament in Copa America history. From the time it was announced, we knew we couldn’t miss it.



Liga Postobón Final

BOGOTA, 2014

In 2014, we happened to be in Bogotá the same week of the Final of the Colombian league. Some local friends invited us to come with them to El Campín stadium where we saw Bogota's Independiente Santa Fe win their eight title in history against Independiente Medellín. 



World Cup

BRASIL, 2014

The idea of attending a World Cup in a country that loves football was very appealing. The challenge was that our group had grown from just three of us to a total of 12 people this time.
It was a lot of work and preparation but it turned out to be one of the most amazing trips ever. 



El Clásico

MADRID, 2013

A good of friend from Madrid made an invitation impossible to refuse: Box tickets to the most important football even of the year, "El Clásico". So we headed to Madrid we were saw an amazing match and get the chance to go celebrate with the Madridistas after the victory.



Premier League



Hearing "You'll never walk alone" at Anfield was something we knew we had to experience at least once in our life. So we headed to Liverpool to see the "Reds" beat the Tottenham Spurs in an stellar appearance of Suarez and Steven Gerrard.



Champions League

MALAGA, 2013


The fact that one of our founders played the Champions League anthem at his wedding wasn't enough, so we headed out to Europe for two weeks of world-class football at the "Theater of Dreams", Camp Nou and La Rosaleda.



World Cup


The biggest sporting event in the world was coming to Africa, and this time we were determined to watch some some games live. Luckily, we got to see the US, Argentina and the finalists Holland and Spain.



World Cup


Your first World Cup is one of those things very hard to forget. It was our first time traveling to Germany but catching up with local friends made things easier. An amazing trip, and the beginning of a World Cup addiction.