Sometimes, football just lands in your lap.

In 2014, I was visiting my hometown Bogotá when a couple of friends asked me if I wanted to come with them to the final match of the 2014 Liga Postobón. This was an special night in Bogotá as the locals, Santa Fe, were playing in front of their crown hopping to obtain their 8th title in Colombian football history. It was a crazy rainy night, but that didn't matter for the more than 45,000 fans that packed "El Campín" and never stopped singing and supporting their team. Santa Fe fans are super loyal, and it was pretty cool to see them celebrating another title just two years after their previous one in 2012, an special one back them since they had to wait 37 years for it. 


We arrived at the stadium 4 hours before the kickoff. As you can see, it was already packed.
Bryan is a fellow backpacker from Atlanta, GA that lives in Medellín.
Nothing like attending the world's biggest competitions with your brother.
Great environment at the Atanasio Girardot.
Mandatory group picture before the kickoff.
At this particular moment they were playing the Colombian national anthem. Suddenly, the whole south section of the stadium turned into a crazy show of fireworks. It was absolutely insane!
The moment when the referee wistle the end of the game. 
The moment when Nacional's captain, Alex Henriquez received the champion's trophy.